“Brandon is a dynamic and personable career coach! He always brought a level of insight and professionalism to each of our sessions which in the end, helped me select the industry where my strengths and interests fit best. By asking the right questions to create a deeper level of consideration, he helped me find the direction and motivation that I had been looking for. Without him, I would not have decided on and pursued my current career path! I would recommend Brandon Twine Coaching & Consulting to anyone who would like to create more intention and success in their career.”
S.G., Project Manager

“Brandon is a fabulous career coach and mentor. He combines a disciplined approach with a wonderful personal manner. He is always present and engaged with me as a client, listens extremely well, asks powerful questions, and offers insightful observations. He has great experience and wisdom to share. I could not have found my last two positions without him, and my professional development has benefited immeasurably thanks to his counsel.”
M.O., Real Estate Analyst

“Brandon helped me see a different perspective which helped me set realistic goals and attain them. I felt more fulfilled and balanced after his consulting help.”
K.G., Nutrition and Life Coach

“Brandon’s athleticism, rigour and discipline around sports integrates and blends into his coaching style. Being around Brandon is a constant reminder that there are no limits, boundaries are always being broken and that success is driven both by a positive mindset and continuous action. Brandon has a loving and compassionate style and is authentically interested in supporting everyone to succeed. Brandon has a huge heart and is very generous with his time and expertise.”
S.B., Leadership and Organizational Coach

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