I offer a variety of programs and workshops, which are fun, interactive, and engaging, and provide meaningful results. Some examples of customizable programs I design and deliver to organizations and public workshops include these, which are offered in a variety of platforms: as lunch and learns, stand-alone workshops, program series, and more:

  • Mindful Leadership: We are all leaders, all the time – leading ur personal lives, our families, our team, our companies, and more. The key to harnessing your leadership is to gain greater self-awareness, understand your purpose in life and work, know what makes you feel the most energized, and then be intentional with your impact and the outcomes you design. The InterTwine Mindful Leadership Program provides a range of tools – both practical and profound – to help take your leadership to new heights and depths.
  • Stress Management: We all experience stress and anxiety that impacts our lives, our work, our results, our relationships, and more. This program is grounded in neuroscience, and provides simple and effective mindfulness tools and practices to help understand and manage stress and anxiety. This program can be customized for specific conditions in organizations and individual’s experiences – for example, stress relief during the holidays: it’s really possible!
  • Increasing Focus and Concentration: Strengthen your attention! This is a mindfulness-based program that helps you understand your mental patterns, re-route neural pathways, and develop skills and practices to help you return to “now”. This is particularly helpful in our multiple-device, distraction-oriented times.
  • Understanding Differences and Working Well Together: When teams and organizations are having challenges, these often are a result of ego and lack of mutual understanding, which put up barriers between people. This program helps people develop stronger empathy for themselves and others, and appreciate the strengths of diversity and uniqueness that help teams and organizations optimize their strengths. This is the basis for a variety of tools the program provides to help people work through typical points of friction and become more aligned around common goals and purpose.
  • Effective Communicating and Skillful Conversations: Using approaches such as Crucial Conversations and Non-Violent Communication, this program helps people gain greater awareness of the communication styles and habits, and move from reactivity to thoughtful responsiveness when tension may be occurring. Skills and practices provided help participants learn to be responsible for their own emotions and develop more effective communications skills.
  • Unlocking Your Creative Self: Want to feel more creative and expressive? Using left-right brain neuroscience, this program will help you tap into your inherent creativity. This program is highly effective for entrepreneurs, software designers, artists, team leaders, writers, and anyone needing to get past blocks and unleash your unique ideas and innovations.


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