What To Expect

Here are some things you can expect from me as your coach:

  • Above all else you will be empowered.  You will be supported.  You will be stretched and challenged to step into your potential.  I provide this through both my fierce commitment to strive toward the life you want and gentle compassion on the journey of navigating fears and doubts on your way to get there.
  •  You will work with a coach you can trust!  My high ethical standards of integrity and confidentiality will not be compromised under any circumstance and you get to design exactly what confidentiality means to you.
  •  You will feel safe sharing the things “you can’t tell anybody else.” By honoring my personal values of remaining authentic, transparent, and even expressing my own vulnerability, you will be held in a safe space when exploring even the toughest of subjects.
  • You will be supported with effective structures of accountability to produce powerful results.  Together we will design homework customized specifically for you between our scheduled sessions.
  • You will have fun.  I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t inject my sense of humor into everything I do.  I hope we can share some laughter along your path of transformation.

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