Getting Started

Getting Started
Foundation Session: A 90 minute initial meeting covering how coaching works in general, and more specifically, how we will work together. The discovery questions that you have answered prior to the initial session are reviewed, and overall goals for the coaching and what progress looks like are discussed.

Regular Meetings & Communication: Typically, Brandon works with clients for either three or six month engagements. During this time, there will be two one-hour meetings each month, either in person or via phone or videoconference, plus email communication as appropriate.

Time Commitment: Brandon believes that coaching is relationship-based, not time-based. Brandon promises to give the coaching relationship the time it needs and to not be constrained by some industry standard. Some clients prefer to meet more frequently for shorter periods of time, and on occasion Brandon meets with clients for longer than the standard one-hour meeting.

Assignments: More often than not, you will leave your coaching appointment with actions to take and inquiries to ponder. Much of the learning and shifting happens between appointments. For this reason, clients often maintain a journal to record their learnings, actions, questions, and thoughts. The contents of your journal are confidential and strictly for you and your own learning; you are not expected to share this information with Brandon or anyone else.

Mid-point Evaluation: Midway through our time together, we will pause to evaluate how the coaching is working for you, the client, and to make any adjustments to the working relationship.

Celebrating: Throughout the coaching relationship and especially as our contracted time together concludes, we will step back together to celebrate your learnings, your successes, your failures, and your courageous commitment to coaching.


How Much Does It Cost?
Your Investment: Coaching is an investment in your well-being and your future. Brandon believes that every person who is willing to do the work should have access to the highest quality coaching, and thus works with clients on a sliding scale. The amount should be at the level where the client is truly motivated to come to coaching ready to work.

Billing: InterTwine charges by the month, on the first business day of the month, and payment is expected by the fifth business day of the month. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you have the entire current month to do so.

Contact Brandon for a free consultation and to learn more.

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