Perfect As You Are

It has taken me a long time to start blogging. I have had many self-doubts and saboteur voices: you won’t be interesting, you aren’t a good writer, nobody will read this anyways, you won’t be relevant, and more. And, I am remembering one of my essential views: we are all perfect, as we are.

So I am here now writing this blog, coming from this belief: what I say in this blog is perfect as it is, just as I am as a person, just as you are who is reading this.

As I say in my Twitter feed, don’t let your mind tell you otherwise: you are inherently whole, unbroken, wise, and creative. My fear around blogging is a small manifestation of the primal fear I have in life: that I will be judged, and rejected, at every opportunity unless I am super cautious. This has been an exhausting way of relating to my life, always anxious that I am going to “blow it” or “drop the ball” or hurt others in some way – all of this being self-reflexive, that I won’t be accepted for who I am, how I am.

I am writing this post, my first, as a practice in letting go of this grasping need to be accepted in what I project to be other people’s terms. The truth I hold is that we all accept each other naturally, and it is the confusions of our mind that tell us otherwise, which we so often follow. I know fundamentally, and am choosing to believe, that what I write here and now has no reflection on my essential value as a person, a living being. In fact, these words may inspire some of you to validate your own self-view and way of relating to yourself or others (that would make me really happy).

Thank you for reading this, and I am commiting to continuing to practice this self belief, that I am perfect as I am, and that you and all other beings are as well. I will be sharing what is coming up for me that I hope will in some way be helpful, useful, and inspiring for you.