About Brandon

I am a co-active coach, helping people understand their strengths and passions, make healthier choices in life, step into new career paths and thrive in their existing roles.  In my 20-year career as a leader, adviser and coach, I have worked with a wide array of clients, including senior executives, market-making salespeople, and all levels of management.

I built my career as a marketing strategist, and developed a reputation for helping people play to their strengths and differentiate themselves in competitive environments. Many of my clients have gone on to win significant new assignments and roles.

I help clients achieve greater self-awareness, align their actions with their core values, and achieve the success they desire, at work and in life. My greatest passion, and value, is providing the space and support for people to reach for and achieve more.

I began my coach training at the Newfield Coaching Network, where I began practicing ontological coaching, learning how to help my clients develop holistic self-awareness for the sake of living a bigger life.

My learning continued at CTI, the Coach Training Institute, where I became a CPCC, or Certified Co-Active Coach. Through this approach, I co-design the alliance with clients, helping them transform themselves and their leadership, cultivating a better understanding of what really matters, and how to get there.

Subsequent to my training at CTI, I became an associate certified coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I am currently completing CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program, which empowers participants to recognize your capacity to lead in all areas of your life. It is designed to uncover, deepen, and build on participant’s natural strengths as a leader, which they in turn help their own clients develop.

In addition to my coaching and leadership development training, I deepened my skills and practice at Naropa University, where I earned a master’s degree in Contemplative Counseling Psychology. From this orientation, I learned how to honor the intelligence, health, and sanity that are inherent within all people. I place an emphasis on helping clients cultivate mindfulness. I help clients relate better to themselves and others, and to their experience. My primary goals are to help people develop personal insights, expand awareness, and nurture compassion for themselves and others.


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