Hello!  Welcome to InterTwine, an organization designed to help people relate effectively: to themselves, to others, to leadership, to organizations, to teams, to circumstance, to life.

Inter means within or between. By tending to your Inter, you can unlock creativity, confidence, and clarity in the many aspects of your life.

InterTwine is led by me, Brandon Twine. I am a leadership and personal development coach, speaker, and program leader. I work with an array of client types, including:
• Executives in organizations
• Teams within organizations
• Emerging leaders, high-potential leaders, and new-hire leaders within organizations
• Entrepreneurs
• Individuals in life transitions

I help clients like you develop mindfulness skills that can help you be:
• More present
• Less distracted
• Better able to handle stress
• In stronger relationship with the people in your professional and personal lives.

I work from many orientations that I have been trained and certified in, including Co-Active Coaching, contemplative counseling psychology, and mindfulness meditation instruction, to enable people like you to:

• Develop a stronger, more authentic, and inspiring leadership presence
• Lead higher-performing teams, by cultivating emotional intelligence and adaptive leadership skills.
• Clarify what really matters to you in the professional and personal aspects of your life, and align your behavior, relationships, and results with these values.
• Experience a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities in your life.
• Explore what’s been holding you back, and develop new ways of engaging these self-limiting patterns.
• Expand self-acceptance and commit to change.
• Access your inner wisdom and resources to move towards a richer, more fulfilling life.
• Develop the vision for your future, and receive support and accountability as you set goals and take actions towards this.

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